Jamie Roberts Stadium at St. Marys College

Working for RAD Sports out of Massachusetts for the first time, LMI and its team has a job to install ( 8 ) Musco poles, LED fixtures and conduits around a new stadium being built at St Mary’s College. RAD Sports works up and down the east coast, building field complexes primarily for private institutions so teaming up with them is a great opportunity for LMI. Future Work flow!

Fighting extreme muddy conditions, C. Gallagher, R. Lawler, and J. Bateman along with our caisson sub, Structural Concrete Products, drilled and poured all ( 8 ) of the foundations in ( 2 ) days in addition to moving all of the pole sections into place for next week’s setting operation. Sandy soils required ( 3 ) of the holes to be cased prior to setting the foundation. The school is hoping to be using the new turf field later this spring and the presence of our poles in air just highlights the progress for a new client. Great work by LMI team!

Sports Lighting
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