Lighting Repair

We conduct lighting inspections, as well as installation, repair and upgrades of street lights, roadway lights, parking lot lights and sport lighting.

Commercial Lighting Services

We have lighting technicians available to assist you with interior lighting projects, from a simple repair to a complete energy saving retrofit.

Electrical Services

We employ many licensed Journeyman and master electricians, all of whom are capable of repairing, maintaining, or installing all types of electrical equipment.

Lighting Contractor

Lighting Maintenance Inc. (LMI) is an electrical and lighting contractor, licensed in Maryland, Virginia, Delaware, and Washington DC. We specialize in design, construction, and repair of lighting and electrical systems. Michael and Hilary Yoder established LMI in 1991 and still run the business today. LMI has 27 years of experience, including outdoor lighting maintenance and other commercial lighting services.

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Our company news

Get the latest on LMI projects, accomplishments and opportunities.

  • Chuck Pippin and the guys in Rockville have been using some of the oldest trucks in the company. They have worked tirelessly to keep them running. This week they will recei

  • Bill Besece, Wayne Rickard, Reginald Cooper, David Meyers, and Jah Taylor-Wells worked on Presidential Pkwy repairing UG circuits. Recent construction in the area damaged s

  • We want to thank Stone Stillings for coming in on a rainy day this week to build rebar cages for the upcoming VSU jobs. Stone always volunteers and his efforts and work eth

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Lighting Repair is our Specialty

We offer a wide array of lighting services, including but not limited to street light maintenance, neon sign repair, stadium lights, roadway lighting and traffic signal installation.

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