Lighting Upgrades

1. Lighting Assessment

All lighting upgrades begin with an accurate assessment of an existing lighting system.

2. Review

A thorough review of existing system components occurs, by type and by area, so that a completely new design may be developed to address changes needed to comply with new lighting codes, quantity of light, and quality of light.

3. Optional Proposal

We then re-populate your facility (on paper) with state of the art components, controls and products designed to produce the best quality lighting, while delivering desirable paybacks, return on investment and carbon footprint reduction. We refer to this as the optional proposal stage because the lighting industry now offers many different types of solutions to upgrade older systems. Our goal now is to work with you, our customer, on needs you feel must be addressed, solutions that are customized for your specific facility/facilities.

4. Designed Proposal

Once we have mutually agreed upon the optimum system for your facility(s), we then produce the designed proposal.

5. Project Justification

Our next push is to overlay the designed proposal with available utility rebates, federal tax credits and any other incentives that may help to justify our project further.

6. Implementation

Finally, upon mutual agreement to proceed, we will install the lighting design in a professional manner, making every effort to appraise you of all scheduled accomplishments, and to complete the project within budget and on time.


Our mission is not done after the successful completion of the Implementation stage.

We offer simple and long term follow-up programs. One of these includes complete administrative compliance and submittals to utility companies to expedite rebate checks to you, or to LMI. Yes, if you choose the latter, you have the option of selecting an alternative to reduce your capital outlay by authorizing the utility company’s calculated rebate to be sent directly to LMI. We also value the overall future operation of your new system, and LMI will manage all warranty offers, up to 10 years on some LED products. Our maintenance programs assure your investment is well cared for, long after you realize the initial benefits.

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