Traffic Signal Repair

We have level I, II, and III International Municipal Signal Association (IMSA) Certified traffic signal technicians on staff to respond to any traffic signal need that arises. Our crews install, maintain, and repair traffic signals. LMI has several traffic signal contracts throughout the Washington Baltimore area. Additionally, LMI is well versed in the traffic signal permitting process. We have multiple traffic signal crews working throughout the area erecting new mast poles, installing conduit, cutting loops, installing video detection cameras, pulling fiber, and performing routine maintenance.

Our crews are trained and certified in Work Zone Safety and Maintenance of Traffic (MOT). MOT is an important function necessary in providing a safe environment in those areas where workers and motorists may compete for common or adjacent space. Every reasonable effort is made to reduce the risk of injury to both the worker and motorist. In order to achieve this goal, LMI provides initial and ongoing training of all personnel involved in the planning, design, supervising, implementations and maintenance of work zone traffic control.

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