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Have you ever taken the holiday lighting out of your garage or attic and found lights had gone out when you plug them in? Going through all of those strands of lights can be time consuming and then you have the headache of taking lamps from one strand and adding them to another to make one complete set. Now imagine having thousands of lights mounted within your trees, light poles or along the roof of your buildings. Give Lighting Maintenance a call to take your worries and headaches away and schedule service for your decorative/holiday lighting.


There are many things to consider when it comes to installation of decorative lighting. The most important thing is doing it right the first time. Lighting Maintenance has installed many decorative lighting systems as well as control systems for desired operation. It is recommended to use an experienced professional to avoid overloading circuits, excessive extension cords and ensuring safety of the installation and continued operation.

Design Standards

When it comes to the design and layout of the decorations for your property, it generally falls under personal preference, however, some areas have ordinances in place for what can be installed on or in the view of public right of ways and local jurisdiction property. Contact us to find out if your property may be affected by any local codes or ordinances to start planning your decorative lighting design.


Banners, flags, and holiday decorations add beauty and seasonal spirit to a commercial property or community. We install and store all types of decorative banners. We also follow light pole standards and inspect light poles when installing any type of decorative banners to ensure safety. We have several commercial properties as well as county contracts for which we install and store the decorative banners during the off seasons.

Design Standards

Decorative banners must be installed within design standards or it can be a liability to the property owner or community. When decorative banners are not installed correctly, it can cause the pole to snap, leading to unnecessary headaches or worse, damage to cars or people. Here at LMI, we know how to properly size banners for light poles ensuring a safe display. Please note: decorative banners must be installed within design.


One of the other questions you may have is what to do with these decorations during the off season. Unlike many residential situations, most commercial building do not have an attic or a garage to tuck things away until next year. Lighting Maintenance Inc. can solve this problem for you by taking the decorations to a location of your choice or storing them in one of our large warehouses until you are ready for us to put them back up.

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