Law and Requirements

According to 40 CFR 261.24 of the Environmental Protection Agency, most fluorescent lamps contain enough mercury to be considered a hazardous waste because of the mercury content. If placed in the landfill, the mercury becomes an environmental threat by migrating into the air and groundwater supplies. Benefits to recycling the fluorescent bulbs include saved landfill space, reduced raw material production needs, and preventing toxic material from harming the environment.


Mercury-Containing Lamps

At LMI, we are committed to providing our customers an inexpensive and efficient way to recycle recycling mercury-containing lamps, and have been for years. If your lighting contractor isn’t recycling mercury containing lamps, you may be held accountable for the environmental damage and clean up caused by improper disposal.

Lamp Recycling

Lamp Recycling includes but not limited to:

  • Fluorescent 4′ and compacts
  • Fluorescent 5′ and greater (signs)
  • U-shaped and circular
  • High intensity discharge (all types)
  • Neon signs
  • Mercury switches

Environmentally Responsible

We recycle all ballasts, wire, and metals. All cardboard and paper products are separated and recycled through the county’s recycling program. We have also committed to becoming “paperless” by requesting our customers to receive LMI invoices through email, and also asked our vendors to send invoices to us by email. This is more efficient and saves on stamps as well! In 2012, LMI relocated its offices to Linthicum, Maryland. Upon moving, we installed a warehouse heater that runs off of used motor oil. With our fleet of over 170 vehicles and equipment, we have realized a huge savings and found a way to recycle our own used motor oil. LMI works hard to reduce its contribution to the waste stream. Each of our trucks carries a hazardous spill kit to contain and cleanup the inevitable minor leak or spill of hydraulic oil or fuel.

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