Frequently Asked Questions

What does the Night Inspection include? What are the benefits?

During dark hours, a representative from LMI drives and notes all lighting that is out, including all pole lights, canopy lights, security lighting (wall packs), decorative lighting, pylon signs, and tenant signs. A report is typed and sent to the customer for approval of repairs. It is a benefit to have third party inspections performed and delivered to the owner in a comprehensive report. Making repairs in a timely fashion also cuts down on maintenance and emergency repairs.

Can I install banners on my light poles?

The safe answer is NO. Unless the light poles have been specifically designed to accommodate the additional wind, loading a banner may overload the pole and cause it to fail. Every properly designed pole has a weight and wind load rating; this rating includes a safety factor for severe storms that can be expected in a particular area. Adding banners (extra wind loading) without confirming the poles capacity diminishes the built in safety factor provided for in the original design. The pole may appear fine for months or years but if it’s overloaded, it will fail.

Do I need to have my light poles tested for structural integrity?

We are asked all the time “How do I know if my light pole is safe?” or “Will my light pole fall over in a strong wind?” A light pole just like everything else has an expected life span, usually between 20 and 40 years. The useful life is dependent on pole material, loading, maintenance, and environment. A yearly inspection is recommended by most manufacturers to ensure safe dependable service.

A light pole inspection must include at minimum, a visual check for structural damage, broken welds, tampering, nut loosening, missing covers, internal or external corrosion, foundation problems, excessive shaft deflection and vibration. In most cases, we perform a punch test at the base of the pole when corrosion is suspected.

How do I consider the best energy efficient options for my company?

You may consider a whole host of options to help review your energy efficient challenges. But the best way to start this process is to invite a qualified specialist, or contractor, into your facility to complete a full lighting audit of your property first. Yes, we believe, and there is substantial evidence to support this, that lighting not only comprises up to 50% of your facility’s energy usage, the efforts made to optimize it are some of the best ways to invest your budgeted capital, and the paybacks and return on investment outpace all other energy efficient opportunities. In fact, the return on investment from many types of lighting upgrades outpace almost any other kind of investment, as well.

Do you do interior work?

Yes, we are a full service commercial electrical contractor that specializes in lighting and can provide electrical service as well as new construction needs.

How does wiring go bad underground?

Many factors can attribute to an underground problem such as age, improper installation material or procedure, overloaded circuits or construction work that was done on the site. All of this can damage electrical wiring and the contractor may not always notice or come forward.

Can I obtain an estimate over the phone?

Yes! In most cases you can tell someone what type of service you are looking for to obtain an estimated cost and it can actually expedite your request for repairs. Due to variables of a standard maintenance request, we can offer you a not-to-exceed estimate needed for your company’s purchase order system or just for general information.

How do I set up a service call?

If you are a current customer, you simply email your request to or contact our Service Department at 1-877-279-7373 and someone will be able to record your information to get you on the schedule. Avoid calling our employees’ cell phones as the information may not be recorded accurately.

If you are not a current customer, you can email and request our information and Customer Application Packet. Signing up is a very quick process and is necessary for accurately recording detailed information about your property and responding swiftly to your requests.

I have a sign that has letters out can you give me an estimate?

Sign work is very difficult to provide and estimate for. Most signs are individually made, and require at least two hours of troubleshooting – if the sign is neon, a second trip is required so that a new letter can be manufactured and reinstalled.

If I am a new customer calling for service, how quickly can my service call be accommodated?

First you will have to fill out a new customer application and credit application. If we have availability in our schedule, we will make every effort to get to your issue within two business days. If you require immediate service, you might be charged a disruption fee and the first call will be COD (credit card or check).

Do you charge travel time or have a minimum charge?

LMI charges one-way travel of our normal truck and tech rate. Our minimum charge is one hour, and for all emergencies (after hour calls), we charge a 4 minimum rate.

What are your rates?

We have standard rates for trucks and crews as well as rates for most commonly used material. Please send an email to to request a copy of our most recent pricing.

Do you do residential work?

We work for homeowner’s associations to repair common ground lighting, such as street lights, signage, tennis courts, basketball courts, pool areas, and security lighting for buildings.