We install and store all types of decorative lighting and banners. Decorative banners must be installed within design standards or it can be a liability to the property owner or community. We know how to properly size banners for light poles ensuring a safe display.

We offer fast electric sign repair and installation service throughout our vast service area. Our sign technicians are friendly, fast and efficient.

Light poles, as with any man-made structure, require periodic inspection and maintenance during their service life. Corrosion, which reduces structural integrity, is inevitable.

Our lighting upgrade process includes an audit, a review, an optional proposal, a project justification, implementation, and simple or long term follow-up programs.

LMI inspects properties on the 1st and/or the 15th of every month. This inspection includes a comprehensive report of each center’s lighting deficiencies and can include an approximate cost for repair.

Site lighting is a critical safety component for patrons and employees. Whether replacing burnt lamps, ballasts, transformers, controls, or locating and repairing underground circuits, LMI will keep your lighting system burning bright.

We maintain thousands of miles of roadway lighting. LMI’s Roadway Lighting Crews perform overhead electrical services on conventional roadway, underpass, high mast lighting, and overhead sign lighting.

Our experience building over 200 sports lighting fields makes us the leader in sports lighting installations in the Washington / Baltimore area.

Our Street Lighting Crews furnish all labor, materials, equipment and supervision for the maintenance of street lighting systems in our service area.

We offer complete interior lighting audits, develop turnkey solutions to retrofit entire lighting systems.

We have Level I, II, and III International Municipal Signal Association (IMSA) Certified Traffic Signal technicians on staff to respond to any traffic signal need that arises.

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