Our Team

Hilary Yoder


Michael Yoder

Vice President

Richard Yoder

Director of Pre-Construction

Phil Tonolli

Director of Purchasing

John Z. Windsor, Jr.

Director of Business Development

Pamela Novak

Financial Controller

Michele Russell

Staff Accountant

Ashleigh Yoder

Accounts Receivable Specialist

Bernaly Urso

Accounts Payable Specialist

Darin Walker

Director of Fleet Services

David Ramsey

Safety Manager

Ronald Russell

Web & IT Administrator

Julie Whalen

Lighting Specialist

Jeff Bateman

Director of Service

Diane Hemphill

Assistant Service Manager

Khalid Dunton

Operations Manager – SHA & Forestville

Charles Pippin

Operations Manager – Rockville

Marvin Edwards

Drill Team Manager

Ronald ‘Trent’ Wright

Program Manager – Hampton Roads

Jeff McCleary

Service Operations Manager – NoVA

Harry ‘Darnell’ Stevens

Traffic Signal Foreman

Jody Gibbs

Operations Manager – SoVA