Francis Scott Bridge – Secured Light Poles

A few weeks ago we received a call to provide services on the Francis Scott Bridge in Maryland. Apparently several light poles had vibrated loose on their foundations and needed to be secured. All light poles should have their anchor bolts checked for tightness and base checked for cracks annually.

Upon arrival, LMI personnel assessed the situation, and conducted a pre-work safety meeting identifying the risks and safety procedures to be followed. Once the team was protected from vehicle traffic via a Truck Mounted Attenuator (TMA), also known as a “Crash Truck,” work could begin. First, our personnel loaded the bucket with the necessary tools and locked in the safety harness. Without it, the operator could fall hundreds of feet into icy water.

The operator raised the bucket and turned the turret over the edge of the bridge, a few seconds later he was below the barrier and in position to tighten the anchor bolts. This process was repeated several times until all the loose poles were safely secured again.

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