P.G. County’s Government LED Lighting

P.G. County’s Government has been very proactive with energy efficiency this year and consulted with us to design and install a new LED exterior parking lot lighting system at their flagship administration office building in Landover, MD. As a site prototype for demonstrating the excellent performance of LED, the original system, 250 watt high pressure sodium, was old, had poor color rendering and all the poles were failing due to rust. We replaced 28 poles and installed 41 Cree-Beta edge 137 watt LED shoeboxes on the new poles. We completed this project in two days, June 4th and 5th, 2013, certainly breaking some sort of record, and the county’s facilities manager was very pleased. Cree-Beta, the premier LED fixture line has extended a 10 year warranty on all fixture components, the best in the industry!

As a result of the success of this project, the county has approved two more LED upgrades at other sites and the facilities manager is scheduling an introductory meeting for us with the new county energy manager to discuss broad based future projects for both the interior and exterior of all their properties.

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