We employ many licensed journeyman and master electricians in Maryland, Virginia, and Washington D.C. All of whom are capable of repairing, maintaining, and installing all types of electrical equipment including but not limited to panel boards, breakers, disconnect switches, fuses, contactors, exit lights, emergency light packs, receptacles, air compressors, lights, fans, motors, smoke detectors, signs, and heaters. Our experienced team can build out your office or retail space to fit your needs. We have wired dentist offices, furniture outlet centers, restaurants, vanilla shells, fire hydrant monitoring, security, and entrance control systems.

Service Relocations

We have relocated several services due to poor planning, changes in the surrounding environment or unforeseen conflicts. One instance required relocating several existing services because overhead feeders were being stuck and knock down by trash trucks unloading dumpsters.


From service relocation to a complete service overhaul, we have the experience needed to get the job done. Electrical equipment has a useful life expectancy, and after that point has been reached, it is time to upgrade or replace for reliability and safety. We can efficiently remove your old service then build a new one. We can install your complete indoor or outdoor service including CT Cabinets, disconnects, contactors, panels and control circuits. We have electrical and structural engineers that we consult regularly and all of our services are maintenance friendly.

Fire Prevention Inspection

We offer inspections, both casual and thermographic imaging, for identification of potential fire hazards. Corroded cables, loose connections, overloaded or loose breakers, lint and dust accumulation are all fire hazards. Having a licensed electrical contractor annually inspect customer-owned switch gear and other electrical equipment will help prevent to hazardous conditions. Our visual inspection worksheet includes a check list of over 85 items, including the services, all branch circuits and devices. This aggressive proactive effort decreases the risk of electrical fires, in some cases reducing insurance premiums. No one can guarantee there will not be a problem, but there are many contributing factors that can be identified and corrected.

Fire Recovery

Our qualified technicians are on call 24 hours a day to respond to your electrical emergencies such as fire, flood, downed power lines, and customer-owned feeder failure. We can rebuild your service and have your system energized quickly. Emergency lighting and generator service is available, including temporary overhead feeders and portable area lighting.

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