General Electric’s Nela Park | Lighting Maintenance Inc.

General Electric’s Nela Park | Lighting Maintenance Inc.

Lighting Maintenance Inc. (LMI) recently visited General Electric’s Nela Park.  An employee described the trip as, “very insightful and full of amazing new technology”. LMI has done business with GE for decades and we continue to enjoy the relationship. Working with GE and aligning our self with an industry leader in lighting makes good sense.

Nela Park is the world headquarters for General Electric’s Lighting Division (one of the company’s seven divisions). The company, founded by the merging of Thomas Edison’s Edison Electric Company and the Thomson Houston Company in 1892 has grown to become the world’s second largest corporation.

Lighting Maintenance Incorporated and General Electric plan to create a synergic business relationship. With GE’s new technology and LMI’s innovative methods of upgrading and maintaining lights, the customers will prosper in a radiance of success!

Click here for GE’s Innovation Timeline.




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