Lighting Maintenance and LEDs

Lighting Maintenance and LEDs

Light emitting diodes, otherwise known as LEDs, are the lighting of choice currently. This lighting ensures we see everything brightly in true color. This light brightens our roadways and parking lots to allow for a safe, enjoyable commute. However, some cities are not agreeing with this light of choice, as discussed in the following article from CNN:

Thankfully, Lighting Maintenance Incorporated (LMI) understands LEDs and the need for them. The article provides some information regarding LEDs, such as its color temperature, its effect on melatonin production, and how energy and cost efficient LEDs are. LMI already promotes the energy and cost effectiveness of LED lighting, but what is going on with the color temperature and melatonin production?

The color temperature of the old fashioned incandescent bulb is 2400K. The color temperature shows its yellow/red hue, whereas LED’s color temperature of ~3000K displays its white/blue hue. LED color temperature lights up the environment to its true colors, as opposed to seeing everything in a yellowish tint.

However, many complain about the glare LED lights give off. It should be noted that all lights give off glare, proper shielding is provided to minimize glare, and that coming from a dark road to a LED lit road may be unpleasant. A customer experienced this discomfort after their LED upgrade. However, their street lights are not consistent and have many dark roadways in between. Therefore, the constant switch from light to dark causes strain on the eyes, but this is because of the design, not the LED.

This white/blue hue of the LED lights also affects the melatonin production within an individual. LEDs suppress the production of melatonin, which helps regulate sleeping and waking cycles. With these LED’s lighting our roadways, it is an advantage to suppress melatonin production while driving. This allows drivers to stay awake and see clearly while on the road. LEDs provide safety in more ways than one.

Nothing is perfect, but LEDs have many advantages that are overlooked. If you have any concerns regarding LED technology, please refer to one of LMI’s LED experts. We are always willing to assist.


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