Log While Drilling (LWD)

Log While Drilling (LWD)

Log While DrillingWith our recent expansion LMI has converted all of it’s drill head locators over to the DigiTrak F5. Thus being able to provide our customers with a complete data log of every bore. The Log While Drilling (LWD) software records the depth and pitch of each and every drill stem.

At the end of the workday this information is then uploaded to our pc’s, and can then be converted to CAD drawings for complete as-build. To include any existing utilities crossed as well as the depths and locations of them.

LWD is an excellent way to pin point shallow bores and track bore path consistency.

LMI now offers this to our customers on a daily, weekly, monthly or per job basis per the customer’s request at no additional charges, and these logs are also kept on file at our corporate office.

Please take this into consideration when choosing your next underground utility contractor.

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