Montgomery County Street Lighting

We were awarded a contract for the Maintenance of Underground Fed Streetlights for Montgomery County-owned roads. This includes approximately 25,000 lights that are group relamped (new lamp and photo cell) and serviced (light inspected and cleaned) 1/5 every year for the 5 year contract. The contract includes maintaining outages and knockdowns that are called in daily either by county inspection or resident complaint. It also involves many projects such as installing new lighting on roadways or improving the existing lights. This involves LMI installing all new conduit, wires, hand-boxes, foundations and light standard and fixtures, and working with PEPCO from their design of the electrical system. Improvements can include a revitalization where all fixtures are replaced in a subdivision or roadway, such as replacing or painting the deteriorating poles.
The Division of Traffic Engineering has developed its own database and GPS mapping system for their UGF Streetlights. All outages, knockdowns and No Voltages are tracked through this system. County staff can enter outages, or citizens can report online streetlights that they observe to be malfunctioning. LMI accesses this database daily to retrieve active calls and directs crews to the appropriate light for repair. At the end of the day, LMI is responsible for closing calls or reporting No Voltage issues back through the county’s database. LMI management has monthly meetings with County Staff and Pepco to discuss lighting issues in the county and works together as partners to improve the lighting. LMI management prepares estimates for projects based on line item pricing, field inspections for proper pole location, notification of utilities prior to construction or digging through the Miss Utility system, works closely with Pepco as needed when Pepco hand-boxes, conduit and wires are being installed, supervises construction activities, and directs field personnel to achieve completion of directives as set by owners within budget and with quality workmanship that conforms to original contract documents. LMI understands and has a working knowledge of highway and infrastructure maintenance/projects.

Street Lighting
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